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The experience with the Siora products is one of the best. Having a manufacturer of quality orthopedic products speaks very well of us as distributors in the Dominican Republic, when the company started with the manufacturer Siora we were very lucky to work with a company with family values and long-term business vision. Here in the country, when we talk about Siora, we talk about quality and service.

Mr. Giordano Raymon Otañez

(Republica Dominicana)


Really a good place for orthopedic products, specially Interlocking Nails, I am fully satisfied with the product’s price because of its total value for money.

Mr. Rollins Duke


Siora’s orthopaedic implants and instruments are world class. I have experienced that their products are extremely trusted worthy. They have good business ethics. They use titanium and stainless steel materials as per international standards.

Mr. Subodh Bhartiya


As I am a regular importer of Siora products for a long time. I am fully satisfied with the quality & after sale service provided by them and hopes to continue with it in future also.

Mr. Eyden Haze


Best company with best orthopedic products, India’s best source to import medical equipment. I like it.

Ms. Shweta Sharma


Perfect quality and fast delivery. The best part is that the Export Manager that is Mr. Mahavir can be contacted and deal by WhatsApp application.

Mr. Ahmad Khaizaril Ab Wahab


Thanks for the wonderful services support. I am very happy with their implants services.

Mr. Fletcher Bonsaint


Siora Surgicals orthopedic products have been very reliable and consistent because of quality. I have never ever thought of any other alternative other than Siora Surgicals for orthopedic implants needs.

Ms. Pritam Yadav


Customer service is excellent.

Mr. James Perez


We used Implants in Stainless steel and nailing system of both Titanium & S.S quality. we approved but to continue working and keep our join with Siora is required a development which is the main reason for existence.

Mr. M.H. Nikkhah


Siora Surgicals is the Best and Affordable Orthopaedic Implants Manufacturers in India.

Thanks, Siora Surgicals.

Dr. Suman Kalra


We are satisfied with your products and services.

Mr. Hosam Ahmed


All products have excellent quality and good sales support.

Mr. Luis Abbate


Great Value

Mr. Luis Moncada


Siora provided very good quality products at a good price.

Mr. Xin Jin


Siora Surgicals Pvt Ltd is the Best Orthopedic Surgical Manufacturers in Delhi.

I bought so Many orthopedic Implants from Siora. The price and the quality they give me is the best than other Companies.

Mr. Rahul Mittal


Implan Ortopedi Berkualitas

Kami di Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. menawarkan Produk Trauma berkualitas dalam jangkauan luas.